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    Title list

    Post  Justniin on Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:20 am

    Don't have any more question marks on my title list, so I guess this is complete...for now. I'm translating the title names for fun.
    Anything you do doesn't count for the title if you cannot see the title in the title list. To get the title to show you'll usually have to do something related to getting the title itself.
    Also, I can't remember some of the prerequisites since they don't show after you've got the title.

    With new dungeons come new titles. Update time!

    Anne's gift
    How to get: Finish Anne's quest
    Effect: Attack+12, magic attack +12

    Eldrit Searcher
    How to get: Clear Els Baum, Ruine im Wald (schwer) and Nebelsumpf (experte)
    Effect: Attack +8, magic attack +8, move speed +4%

    Poru Hunter
    How to get: Can't quite remember, involves clearing Ruine im Wald
    Effect: Attack +40, magic attack -20, HP +3%

    Monkey Hunter
    How to get: Beat Affenkönig (Ruine im Wald, min schwer) twice
    Effect: HP +3%, jump speed +6%

    Illuminator of the Night
    How to get: Clear Nachtwald 2 times? (may have a difficulty requirement?)
    Effect: Magic attack +12, magic defence +4, +2% crit. chance

    How to get: Beat Nasodbenders (Abwasserkanal) 4 times
    Effect: +1% resistance against attacks, move speed +2%

    Vampire Bat Hunter
    How to get: Beat Vampirkönig (Benders' Höhle, min. schwer) 2 times
    Effect: 40% chance to avoid vampire bats' bloodsucking attack

    Revolutionary Hero
    How to get to show up on title list: Finish the final epic quest in Elder
    How to get: Clear Schloss Robo (experte) in 8 minutes
    Effect: Macht-mode (I guess) duration +3 sec, mp rech speed (again, I guess) +5%, HP +3%

    Symbol of Luck
    How to get: Use a Glücksklee (Lucky Clover), gotten randomly from copper chests
    Effect: +2% crit. chance, +10% ED dropped by enemies

    Friendly Fire
    How to get: Beat Skorpionkönig (Drachenweg, experte), clear Drachenweg (experte) 4 times. Yeah, the first requirement is pointless.
    Effect: Magic attack +16, magic defence +6, fire damage reduced by 30%

    Hunter of Darkness
    How to get: Beat Schattenkrieger (Besma-See bei Nacht, experte) 6 times
    Effect: Attack +24, defence +12, move speed +4%, +1% crit. chance, +1% resistance against attacks

    How to get to show up on title list: Unlock Grosses Bergwerk experte
    How to get: Clear Grosses Bergwerk (experte) with rank S
    Effect: Attack +28, magic attack -12, resist shock with 40% probability

    Nasod Hunter
    How to get: Beat Robo N8 mk2 (Grosses Bergwerk, experte), Robo N9 (Transportluftschiff, experte). I'm pretty sure there was a third one, but can't remember...
    Effect: Attack +16, magic attack +16, resistance against wind +20

    Mercenary Veteran
    How to get to show up on title list: Unlock Black-Crow-Luftschiff (or Krähenluftschiff) experte
    How to get: Clear Black-Crow-Luftschiff with a maximum of 10 received hits. There's an easy way to get this: when the boss is low on hp, get killed and revive. This resets your hit counter. Or just play in a party and keep away from everything, especially the boss.
    Effect: Attack +10, magic attack +10, defence -5, magic defence -5, speed+2%, +2% resistance against attacks

    Settler of Elios
    How to get: Was achievable from an open beta event mission, so getting it is no longer possible
    Effect: Attack +20, magic attack +20, +2% crit. chance, move speed +3%, speed +1%

    Best Guild
    I guess this will be given to all members of the highest ranking guild on January 19th
    Effect: Attack +25, magic attack +25, defence +10, magic defence +10, resistance against all elements +5, +2% crit. chance, +4% hit chance, HP +2%

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