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    The bloody anime list


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    The bloody anime list

    Post  blueraid on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:00 am

    YARR I just had to do this ,.D
    Ill pile up anime Ive watched or which Im currently watching!

    something that is Airing is gilded like that

    I might not be updating this so frequently, and if you want some anime recommendations, just tell me via skype (Joniboeh / JoniJussila) or steam (blueraid *one with black face white smile, like joker)


    07 Ghost [on hold]


    Amuri in Star Ocean (OVA) [short, confusing 2/5] (repost;commentary: they musta been drunk while making it, really.)
    Angel Beats [Afterlife variation. Fighting against the inevitable end in this neverending afterlife. simply awesome *I ISH RECOMMENDING*5/5]
    AnoHana [One tragedy brought friends apart. Now that young girl who met such tragedy can't reach nirvana and wants the old friends to become friends again despite their differences. aw shucks this one made me cry.. Im too emotional to this sort of animes.. 4/5 ]
    Arakawa Under the Bridge [comedy, romance 3.5/5]
    Arcana Familiglia [Italy mafioso based family, filled with a power of tarot cards. Not a bad ending, but leaves a lingering feeling of continual 3.5/5]
    Ao no Exorcist [Okumura Rin, son of demon king Satan, becoming an exorcist to beat his pops! Short, but entertaining at very least' was hoping more action and episodes- rushes way too fast to the ending 3/5]
    Asobi ni iku yo! ( alien catgirl lands to earth causing commotion, after a while its get even more confusing as the catgirls mothership comes to earth for an intergalactical relationship) [ 4/5 , comedy, ecchi and action! ]


    Basilisk [Ninjaclan war. ninjas beating ninjas ehh-- 3/5]
    Berserk [Gore, violence and fighting <what do you expect? now wheres the 2nd season hur hur 3.5/5]
    Black Cat [Bountyhunters going up taking tasks while ye ol past is coming up for haunting. good but short 4/5]
    Black Lagoon (+ Robertas blood trail) [Excessive violence, mild nudity. Mercenaries, foul language and pew pew  Very Happy recommending eng dub ver*I ISH RECOMMENDING*4.5/5]
    Black Rock Shooter (+OVA) [Anime about junior high schoolers who have suppressed their depressive feelings into avatars which keep fighting each other to kill the pain and sadness, others avatars. Bit confusing at start and quite short. 3/5]
    Bleach [Ain't gonna lie to ya, its amazing battle oriented anime serie that has keeped up it's flag high for so long that it had to take a break fo' sure! Spirit based combat! 4.5/5]
    Blood Plus (TV) [color=red]e battle with monsters whatnot, U KEEL EM WITH (AIDS! ehh not) BLOOD! 3/5]
    Bokatsu Tenshi DokuroChan [Gore comedy, bit short but entertaining. 3/5]
    Break Blade (New season is airing atm!)[Its like ancient gundam! End is bit.. confusing, yet somewhat neat anime.3/5]


    Chobits [android ♥️ human romance/casual life, for those who like happy endings Smile 4/5]
    Chrome Shelled Regios [Humanity is on a brink of disaster as its struggling for survival, most of the overground is filled with vicious beasts and toxic gases. their only shelter are automated moving cities that keep running with energy infused mines. Now a man with certain secrets enter one of these cities and entry for the fighting art school. short, open ending.. hoping for 2nd season, filled with good characters, romance and fighting *I ISH RECOMMENDING*4.5/5]
    Chrono Crusade [filling the blanks for manga 3/5]
    Claymore [Battle against monsters~! Missusses with numbers and half-demonic powers are hunting for complete demons or demonified people. Rather confusing, open ending 3.5/5]
    Code:Breaker [dark defenders of justice annhilating criminals and corrupted crooks. one of the main character is part of this justice. bit of school life and mainly action. open ending, leaves lingering 2nd season 3/5]
    Code Geass [looking for genres and it was tagged with "Amazing", Man with ambition to overrule the tyranny seems to get new fire under its wings when he stumbles upon mysterious girl named cc (C2) and she gives the man power he could only have imagined. watch 2nd season for a grand finale 5/5]
    Code Geass R2 [watch it from start to the end and the finale is just epic *I ISH RECOMMENDING*5/5]


    Darker than black [super natural powers, a some-what battle between humanity and contractors. Awesome anyways 4/5 I ISH RECOMMENDIN'!]
    Darker than black OVA + Gemini of the meteor [OVA is a prelude for 2nd season, things have changed a bit after 1st season, open ending, I want 3rd season or specials xD 4.5/5 I ISH RECOMMENDIN'!]
    D.Gray-man (TV) [Millenium Earl is cursing people who yearn someone back to life. Cursed souls are killing people, power called innocence can cleanense this evil, fighting all around the globe, solving cases involving cursed ones. it IS AWESOME, action and growing story-- open ending... hope fer more episodes! *I ISH RECOMMENDING*5/5]
    D.N.Angel [cancl'd]
    Devil May Cry (TV) [cancl'd, for now]


    Elemental Gelade (TV) [certain people can turn into weapons for their mastah! an amateur gets a godly weapon character and all hell breaks loose, poor bojo, thou are being hunted now. bit too much romance to the end, short 3/5]
    Elfen Lied [super natural powers, some battles with gore and relationship drama 3.5/5]
    Ergo Proxy [psychedelic, -on hold-]


    Fairy Tail (+ Fairy Tail 2014)]Airing. Amazing~! Magic, fighting, comedy, what else you need? *I ISH RECOMMENDING*5/5]
    Familiar of Zero (+ 2nd season and 3rd season) [Female mage summoning a male peasant as her familiar. Filled with action, romance and somewhat good storyline. and explosive punishment! 4.5/5]
    Fate Stay/Night [plots pretty much the same as Fate Zero. I'd like to see a HQ version of this. it would rock! 4/5]
    Fate Zero [Fight for the omnipotential wishbringer holy grail, dramatic battles and gets more intensive towards the end. A prequel to Fate Stay/Night. 4/5 ]
    Final Fantasy VII: Denzel On the way to a Smile (OVA) [some addition to the movie]
    Final Fantasy VII: The Last Order (OVA) [what happened before the FF VII, I recommend to watch if ye have played or watched FF VII]
    Final Fantasy: Unlimited [repeating.. Halted]
    Fractale [fkin psychedelic opening! @__@ ermm hard to describe' tis a story bout a bojo and onna going happily in their way towards ze monastery shizzle where all sorts of crazy stuff going on. yeah wait. ya girl ain't real? beats me, 3/5]
    Freezing [Chicks with some serious attitude problems. Fighting, gore, nudity. short anime adaption, hoping for 2nd season.. heh 3.5/5]
    Fooly Cooly aka FLCL [its hard to describe, cept its COMPLETELY RANDOM! short, 6eps of full randomness, yet I liked it. even thou I had these palms covering dis face. 4/5 just watch for fun]
    Full Metal Panic! [not bad, mechas and lil bit of comedy 3/5]
    Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu [randomness and mainly comedy! 4/5]
    Full Metal Panic! The second raid [back to mechas! well it was kinda short.. but good ey' 4/5]
    Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) [ Very Happy ya'll just gotta watch it 5/5]
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (TV) [stopped fer a while]
    Fullmetal Alchemist: The Blind Alchemist [filling some parts o FMA, still watching]


    Grandchild of Nurarihyon (TV) [Halfdemon takin' its place as the leader. Quite good 4/5]
    Gungrave [Mafioso themed fighting where 2 friends raise up in the ranks, differate and end up against each other, somewhat sad and dramatic towards the end. 3.5/5]
    Guilty Crown [Acocalypse virus killing/crystalifying people to death, is giving special power for the one who has Kings seal (derp, way too hard to not spoil anythin). Action, similiar to Code Geass. didn't like the ending tho :X - 4/5]


    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica [Epic(ly shameless) hero coming back from alternate world, with demon lords daughter. Lil perverted. Action and fighting in the superpower/magic filled academy. Short 1st season. 4/5]
    Hellsing [da vampire is beating the sh!t outa em'! 3.5/5]
    Hidan no Aria [School specializing in special forces. eg. detectives, information recon, assault units, espers and what-not. lil bit short, but entertaining. Story revolves around 2 main characters who seem to have troubles of their own. 3/5]
    Hokuto No Ken [Fighting ftw, post acocalyptic era or something - 3.5/5]
    Highschool of the dead (not suitable ages under 17) [excessive violence, gore and nudity/ecchi, awesomesauce of describing zombie acocalypse with OHKO abilites, 1st season is mainly 'bout gettin to Sayas house, waiting fer 2nd season! 5/5 *I ish recommending*]
    Highschool DxD (and HS DxD New (2nd season))[excessive ecchi/nudity, mild gore, battling and romance(?). Anime bout highschooler gettin killed, then revived as a demon servant. Then its almost all bout learning the ways of demons and his on erotic desires.. -wut- 4/5]
    Hyperdimensional Neptunia [Fighting over goddess trust points or something like that (runnin for "like's") Very Happy, somewhat Game genreish, bit childish, light drama and nothing too excessive. 3/5]


    Infinite Stratos (+ 2nd Season) [Short, mecha style, an irregular boy in all girls highschool.-- the plot moves quite fast and ends right after its gettin fun ;-; t'was good 4/5]
    Inuyasha [Demonshizzle-- shame to admit, Ive watched bout' half o this.. meh lost inspiration after that - just ain't my style 2.5/5]



    Katanagatari [Ol fashioned, Fighting, 1h long eps/12eps total, rated as awesome ,.D 4.5/5]
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn [makin a wuss into a mafia boss, still watchin']
    Kill La Kill [Anime bout clothes being overpowered. surprisingly gorish fighting, towards the end I can almost hear someone shouting TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN-- but noo thats just my imagination running wild. plenty of comedy parts lightening mood everynow and then. Went better than expected 4/5. Nudist beach.. (< its a trap!>-<'')]
    Korewa Zombie Desuka? [Hilarious randomness and gore! nothing too serious tho, mainly comedy. 2nd season ended suddenly, hoping for 3rd season! 4/5 for lols (Caution!: may cause eyeburn during certain parts!)]
    Kowarekake no Orgol (OVA) [*sob* happy/sad story about a robot who learns all kind of things with her human master, a somewhat depressed guitarist, 28mins long and its AWESOME - supremely tearjerker, if this one didn't make ye cry, yer one cold hearted bastid.  4/5]


    Log Horizon [Game genre'd  with bunch of action and comedy, somewhat short. waiting for another season. I'm diggin' this! Rated 5/5]
    Lucky Star (+ Special ep) [comedy/parody randomness, pure epicness 5/5]


    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Irregular at magic highschool) [color=#ffcc33]lings joining "futuristic" magic highschool and the game is on. Action, overpower, drama, comedy, good music and its airing. totes waiting with anticipation every week for updates. zing 5/5]
    Magi [well, I ain't good explaining this one, interesting story. Adventurous. 25eps 1st season. haven't started watching the 2nd season, 4/5]
    Makai Senki Disgaea [gotta watch this again]
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed [stopped fer a while]
    Murder Princess (OVA) [Halted']
    MushiUta [somethin' like parasites and supernatural powers. Cancel'd]


    Naruto [nhhh.. Good I guess. stop killing all those useless sidecharacters. they have feelings ya kno? 3.5/5 I can't melt down this hakubatsumatsuratsu technique, too much counters after counters counter being countered by some ougi counter ulti bloodline ougi counter. durr.]
    Naruto Shippuuden (oh god. still watching. tis' will be the day when I will run outa coffee whilst trying to meltdown my brains in this ninja tech complexy. fuq.)
    Neon Genesis Evangelion [Mecha classy~! watched it finally. jeez. Well I'd say ending is messy and rather disturbing. 2.5/5]
    No Game No Life [Game genre'd, EXCESSIVE USE OF BLOOM (that highly glossy spec which sparks like hell with 4k screen jeez.) oh and pantsus. Gaming siblings (not blood related) are send to gaming world of game god Tet. It's a world where all acts of violence n war are forbidden and during conflicts you have to solve em with gaming where 10 rules apply... the game is on. Liked it even tho it's bit illogical 4.5/5]
    Ninja Scroll [Im not even sure why I watched this.. anyways 2 ninja clans killing each other and samurai gets all into this mess. neutral happy ending. meh 2.5/5]


    Oregairu [Highschool, more or less drama n comedy. light stuff, short and enjoyable. 3.5/5]
    One Piece [woohoo~ few of them fillers are quite good :O nuff' said eh? 4.5/5]
    Outlaw Star [ol' classy~! Comedy, space shizzle and action! 4/5]


    Pandora Hearts [its like a modified 'Alice in wonderland' quite good, but somewhat short and sudden ending :X 3/5]
    Persona4 [Adventurous action and school life. Awwww yeah game adaption.I Love it. Possessing power of your inner self and fighting against shadows that corrupt the shaken minds of the victims. 4/5]



    Rave Master [its da prequel o Fairytail' neat show with whoppin' action, ol' style 4/5]


    Scrapped Princess ('Poison that'll destroy the world' described girl escaping from religious chasers- casual life, battle, fantasy'ish, not too bad, but not so unique/good either--) [3/5]
    Sekirei (compare to Freezing, but instead of seriousness it has comedy) [ 3/5 meeeh ]
    Shaman King [mhm halted after 15 eps o it-- gotta watch it again]
    Shinryaku! Ika Musume [comedy randomness! 4/5]
    Slap Up Party -Arad Senki [DFO anime ,.F kekeke' now that I think of it I haven't finished this one either]
    Slayers [ol' classic, comedy&action 3.5/5]
    Slayers Next [ol' classic, 2nd season 3.5/5]
    Slayers Try [ol' classic, 3rd season 3.5/5]
    Slayers Revolution [next-gen' graph improvements, 4th season - still watching]
    Sora no Otoshimono [bit perverted comedy and drama right'o! 4.5/5 For the fans of bit ecchi/emotional storms/ankward situations! recommending also To Love-ru series)
    Sora no Otoshimono Forte (and the movie) [2nd season of Sora no Otoshimono, 4.5/5 nuff said- oh HAY! 3rd season coming soon! can't wait to see it *W*]
    Sorcerous Stabber Orphen [anime of the game or the game was made outa anime idk.. halted after 7-10 eps]
    Soul Eater [ACTION woot~! awesome 'cept few nasty screamin' parts and bit disappointin' ending (mah opinion) 4.5/5 *I ISH RECOMMENDIN'!*]
    Strike Withes 1st & 2nd Season [not bad, episodes/plot moves bit too fast towards the end, young witches on rocket boosters -wut-, ending coulda been better tho :X 3.5/5]
    Strike Witches Movie [AWW YEAH Very Happy]
    Shakugan No Shana [excellent! battle between human soul/existence eating baddies and flame hazes aka baddie hunters 4/5]
    Shakugan No Shana 2nd season [still watchin']
    Sword Arts Online [Amazingly made anime about game where they stake their lives on clearing it. I recommend this to everyone who have even played MMORPGs a little Very Happy and/or are fan of animes with good storyline. Magnificent in many ways! 5/5]
    Sword Arts Online : Gun Gale (2nd Season) (Airing, heres another gamer genre. they managed to pull another thriller! woo! Currently Airing][color=#ffcc33]


    Tales of Symphonia (TV) [based on da game YAY Very Happy 3.5/5]
    Tales of Symphonia: Tethe'alla-hen (OVA) [paused atm. continues from the part they reach Tethe'alla, has special eps aswell]
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [randomness! world revolves around haruhi~ quite good smite I say' 4.5/5]
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2nd season [more randomness filling the missing parts o 1st season, daum endless eights! 4/5]
    Tiger n Bunny {+ 2 movies }( World is filled with superhuman like people with NEXT cells which make em have special abilities, this town of heroes is making a place for those with abilities by making them heroes of justice, fighting against crime in live-tv. ) [ 5/5, Heroes, casual life and action! Amazing show! I recommend this for everyone! ]
    ToraDora [Two schoolers of somewhat misfortune. Group together to achieve bigger goal! lil bit of romance and comedy -still watching-]
    To Love-ru (ru = trouble in this case) [loadsa ecchi (softcore hentai wait what) anyways its love-romance-harem-comedy situation its awesome and moves with actual plot saywhaaat 5/5 *I ish recommendin'  for many reasons hohoho~
    To Love-ru OVA [Some shorties mainly from manga series with more action 5/5]
    Motto To Love-ru [Even more action, story keeps movin' forward, open ending 5/5]
    To Love-ru Darkness [S3 yay~! Very Happy, operation harem plan. <that should explain enough] (half season >.<)
    Tower of Druaga (Aegis of Uruk and Sword of Uruk) [Ol fashionable, mainly comedy, fighting in the tower of uruk towards the last boss druaga. still watching 2nd season yet 2.5/5 for now]
    Trigun (+ movie -2010-) [ol' classic style! comedy&action 4/5]
    Trinity Blood [Paused for now, vampires n stuff, humanity coexisting with some o em whilst some just go battle frenzy, ehh. ok!]
    Tencho Tenge (Tenjou Tenge) [battling and something, too much dwelling in the past Id say 3/5]
    To Aru Majutsu no Index (1-2 season) [ esper & other supernatural skills dwelling on the city of SCIENCE! action, comedy & romance of some sort.. still pretty daum cool Very Happy 5/5]
    To Aru Kaganu no Railgun (to aru majutsu in railguns story ,.D a must see if ye liked to aru majutsu no index) [ bit more girlish but w/e 5/5 ]
    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Study fixated girl gets a task to bring certain troublemaker boy back to school. After that the boy falls in love with her causing disturbance to her lil life. hard to explain in words.) [ 3/5 worth to watch ]




    Xenosaga [mecha, human-race survival anime - short 3.5/5]


    Yu Yu Hakusho [ol' classic, mainly action&fighting - watched bout 50+ eps so far]


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