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    Post  Atonica on Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:15 am

    What are Usergroups Question you ask...
    Ill tell you friends what usergroups are Exclamation

    Creator : Are peoples who created WTFish Community, like myself... im this forum creator and hoping that people dont mess these forums Cool

    Moderators : Moderators are Forum "Clean" keepers... i hope people dont write WRONG text or putting messages to wrong area.

    SPECIAL : Are you SPECIAL? Well, what is this then? Some people can get SPECIAL Status, Like Filming Videos, Helping Forum with new ideas Idea and so on... Only Creators can put this status to some SPECIAL people

    Members : Well, are member of WTFish community Razz

    Judge Master : THIS is the MOST powerfull usergroup in forum. They keep rules of forum that anyone doesnt put any Adult Material, Abusive material or something that is wrong to game or forum rules.

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