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    Megaman Starforce Series


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    Megaman Starforce Series

    Post  Xokes on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:01 pm

    this new series released for the NDS, is a sequel and an upgrade of the Battle Network series, for the GBA.. some say that the BN series was best, some say its the SF series.. i personally, like both of them..

    although im not a hardcore megaman player and try to do all those insane time attacks, i do enjoy pwning every thing i find in my way :3

    on the first title of this series, Geo, the series protagonist, whose father is thought dead from a space accident, meets with Omega-Xis, an alien from planet AM.. thou the plot says he comes from planet FM, he was born on AM.. Geo is a little emo at first, and Mega (Omega-Xis) is a tad evil.. they stick together, only because Mega knew Kevin, Geo's father.. the adventure unrolls, and they save the world, as one entity, Megaman

    the second title is about different lost civilizations.. the ninjas, the saurians and the berserkrs.. every one of them fell the same way.. first their bonds broke, then war came.. Vega, the main antagonist, is a scientist that searches for the OOParts (Out Of Place parts) in order to revive Le Mu, the guardian and "God" of the lost continent of Mu, a floating continent.. Megaman discovers everything, killing bosses along the way, and saving the world once again..

    on the 3rd title, a new threat appears, known as "Noise".. Noise is the residue emanated from every wave-form thing.. let it matter waves, or even Wizards (some sort of upgraded Navis from BN).. the noise has the power to corrupt these waves, when found in large quantity, and these tend to stack.. as the story unfolds, Geo learns about the noise, its dangers, and eventually, its strengths, being able to Noise Change in order to get new powers.. as i posted before, there are various noise changes..

    for more information, you can post your questions on this thread, or visit the gamefaqs boards..

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