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    MY Goodness, where am I?


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    MY Goodness, where am I?

    Post  blueraid on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:09 am

    <¤Welcome to WTFish Guild Homepage (Forums)¤>

    We hope you enjoy staying, playing and judging games you play and suggest playable games that are worth of playing (sure everything is playable, we just want to know more Smile ).
    Share your gaming experience of online/offline sessions, feel free to spend some time with guild mates and so on.
    Don't ruin our little reputation we have. Advertise if you want, we dont force you to do so Shocked and good manners are always a little plus Twisted Evil .

    Stay cool,
    over'n out Blueraid (one of the 3 creators of this guild)

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