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    Alone In The Dark [Xbox 360]

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    Alone In The Dark [Xbox 360]

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    Alone in the Dark
    eden Games | ATARI

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    INTRO : Something is abouth to happen . . .
    The 843 acres of Central Park are hiding a terrible secret. Built in the mid 19th century by an international cartel of influential men, the park was created to provide a safe haven. But not, it seems, for the people of New York. Something of a different nature entirely is being protected. Succeeding generations of guardians have protected the truth, keeping the vast parkland untouched at all costs, while the most powerful and expensive city in the world reaches skyward. Now the truth can no longer be contained.

    Game is +18, Violence and Swearing.

    In the game you can combine all kind of stuff together and survive trought the Nightmare of Central Park. Hope you bring your handgun and flashlight with you, because in the park... you gonna need it...

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    There is 49 Achievements with 1000 gamerpoint total.
    Here is All the Achievements :

    BLACKOUT | 30G
    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]


    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    THE TRUTH | 30G
    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.
    [ Do NOT skip any part of the episode ]

    A Day in Central Park | 150G
    Complete the Game.
    [ Complete all episodes in the game ]

    Flaming Roots | 25G
    Burn half of the roots of evil.
    [ Some roots are HARD to burn ]

    Blazing Roots | 50G
    Burn all roots of evil.
    [ Some roots are HARD to burn ]

    Basic Combination | 5G
    Tape up a bottle.
    [ Simple, Tape + Empty bottle/Glass bottle/Water bottle/Plastic bottle ]

    Nuke | 25G
    Kill 3 Humanz at once.
    [ Suggest to make Taped Bottle Bomb + Bullets, then throw and shoot ]

    The Smart Fighter | 5G
    Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination.
    [ Mosquito / First Aid spray + Lighter ]

    The Molotov Cocktail | 5G
    Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable content.
    [ Piece of cloth / wick + plastic / Glass bottle (not empty) ]

    Cocoon | 20G
    Burn a cocoon.
    [ Cocoon just hang on the roof, room is full with flameable bottles and sprays ]

    The Air Bomb | 5G
    Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot it mid-air.
    [ Every time if you throw object, slow-mode comes so its easy to shoot ]

    The Sticky Bomb | 5G
    Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray and combine it with an adhesive.
    [ Tape + Flameable glass / Plastic bottle or Sprays ]

    Fire Bullets | 5G
    Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.
    [ Combine Flameable bottle to Bullets to get fire bullets (ONLY to bullets in gun) ]

    The Glowstick Bomb | 5G
    Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content or a spray with a glowstick.
    wstick to taped flameable glass / plastic bottle or spay )

    [color=green]Useless! | 10G

    Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency flare.
    [ Well... it IS Useless. Empty Bottle + Tape + Cloth + Emergency Flare ]

    Handyman Carnby | 30G
    Make all possible combinations in the inventory.
    [ Just MAKE all, Not COLLECT all. You found all items to combine in the park ]

    The Sharpshooter | 20G
    Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's fissure.
    [ Glowing spots while blinking or glowing scars at body, aim those ]

    Demolition Expert | 20G
    Build the most destructive weapon.
    [ Item to "Nuke" Achievement, Flameable Bottle / Spray + Tape + Bullets ]

    Fissure | 20G
    Burn a fissure.
    [ those odd moving "scars", shoot with fire bullets or spray + Lighter to One-Hit-KO it ]

    The Biggest of All | 25G
    Beat the Museum Monster.
    [ Pretty annoying enemy, throw flameable bottles and shoot in Mid-air and run to cover behind the pillars, ALLWAYS after your attack ]

    Goal! | 20G
    Kick 10 Ratz.
    [ Easy, just run to them and press "A" to kick them ]

    Toasted Eggs | 20G
    Burn a Ratz nest.
    [ Use Flameable Object / fire bullets or spray + lighter to nest ]

    Vampirz | 20G
    Burn one of the Vampirz.
    [ Suggest to use Spray + Lighter ]

    Fisherman's Foe | 10g
    Shoot a goldfish.
    [ Found ONLY area, where you defeat Cocoon... look in the water ]

    Unlimited Offer | 10G
    Call all contacts in your address book.
    [ CALL!!! Call all contacts in your PDA at Park ]

    Wired | 10G
    Hotwire a car.
    [ Try same color wires together to start up engine...or horn...lights...]

    Car Thievery | 10G
    Unlock a car door after breaking the window.
    [ Can found at hotel parking lot, use golf club or extinguisher to break window ]

    Free Gasoline | 10G
    Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.
    [ Screwdriver or pocket knife, go to car gas tank and HIT! then collect fuel to bottle ]

    Never Leave a Key Here | 10G
    Find a car key in the sun visor.
    [ can been found in hotel parking lot car or police car in park. Look Sun visors to find keys...if you lucky ]

    The 10 Mile Race | 20G
    Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.
    [ Well... Drive... so simple ]

    Eradication | 50G
    Kill 100 Humanz.
    [ This takes some time because, there is plenty humanz in the park and many of them in group and you have to BURN them to KILL them ]

    Bloody Mary | 10G
    Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.
    [ Its EASY to get bleeding wounds because you get beated to death pretty easy ]


    Cockpit Addict | 20G
    Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.
    [ When you get out from the hotel to street, go to 1st person look inside the car and drive all the way to "Park".]

    The Blind Man | 10g
    Finish the wake up sequence without blinking.
    [ When you start game, you are "blind" and you have to blink to see... so DONT blink and walk all the to mirror where you "see" again. ]

    Meet Again | 10G
    Meet Theophile in room 943.
    [ Close your eyes to see Theophile and hes "Clues" ]

    Revive | 10G
    Revive Sarah.
    [ Press right buttons to CPR Sarah ]

    Stuntman | 10G
    Jump across the gap using the tow truck.
    [ while heading to Museum, you find tow truck, but it at edge of the gap and drive to it to "fly" over the gap ]

    Purification by Fire | 10G
    Destroy the Vampirz' nest.
    [ You get this during the game, just throw flameable bottle and shoot it to destroy it ]

    Countdown to Death | 10G
    Stop your wound from bleeding.
    [ In your first Bleeding, Run to near house to find Bandages to heal your bleeding ]

    Burning Root | 10G
    Burn a root of evil.
    [ Burn your first root of evil ]

    The Path of Darkness | 15G
    Kill Sarah.
    [ This part is in last parts of last episode, shoot Sarah and get epic dialog ]

    The Path of Light | 15G
    Don't Kill Sarah.
    [ Do NOT shoot sarah, just watch few seconds ]

    Hidden Cave | 10G
    Discover the secret of Central Park.
    [ Find your way to hidden cave under the Central Park ]

    Atonica Tells:
    First i thought that this game is awsome but when i bought and played (good that it only cost under 15€ )... game was like PAIN in the ASS!!
    You get so easy stuck on objects ( mostly paintings, chairs and so on ) when they flys by explosions or enemys hits. You miss or fall in little missions like climbing on hotel walls or avoiding black "stuff" on floor, and if you lucky, you might fall trought floors. And what comes to Driving and battles... Driving is horrible.... its like GTA but far from it... your cars have REALLY weak brakes and thats why most of your cars explode or trash to tin can. Battles and enemys are allso most annoying thing in the game... Enemys weak spot are randomised to so little spots what you cant hit with bullets and EVERY enemy you have to burn... Beating them with ax or hammer to floor dosent help... they rise up sooner or later... MOST oddest thing is that enemys Fly to your car roof and start hitting to window from nowhere and YOU get BEATED allmost every enemy... in the end of my playing ( 1 play time and all achievements ) i got like +500 Burnings, +100 Bleedings, and +40 Deaths... This game is cheap to Achievement Hunters like me... but nothing more... if you dosent want to RIP your FACE OFF!! Twisted Evil

    Points 1 - 10:
    + Huge Items Combination Menu
    + Puzzles
    + Silent Hill Feeling in the Park
    - You WILL die in the game
    - Laggs and Bugs on camera and driving
    - Enemys are WAY too hard to kill
    - You run out of batterys, gas or bullets in the game
    - You will rip your face on many parts in the game

    So i give points 4.8

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