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    How to Join WTFish Gaming Guild?


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    How to Join WTFish Gaming Guild?

    Post  Atonica on Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:35 am

    How to Join WTFish Gaming Guild?

    Please Copy This Message, Fill The Informations and Post it to Forum.


    WTFish Membership

    Timezone? :

    Recommended by someone, Who?*:

    What you like to play? :

    How old are you? :

    How many hour do you play a day?*:
    (* not necessary)

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    Re: How to Join WTFish Gaming Guild?

    Post  blueraid on Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:13 pm

    Got troubleshooting with registering?

    -- you need need at least these to register --
    Email (of course a working one.. not a one that you dont use and will automaticaly remove trash mail-- turn off trash mail remover Shocked )

    after that?
    register > after filling register > email > activation message (click the Http://www site that have been sended by it) > come back to the forums and log in > send a application message so we can recognize whom you are and add you to the "Member" usergroup

    after all that something goes wrong?

    contact me or jarath at the GrandChase or skype or steam drunken

    if youre not recommended by anyone; add recommended: --none--

    -Blueraid over'n out-
    PS: sry bout bad spelling

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